Benefits of Buying a Used Truck


Why Should You Buy a Used Truck from Route 146 Auto Sales?

The process of purchasing a truck can be a daunting task. Make, model, year, new, or used, dealership services, and pricing are all factors that come into play when considering acquiring a truck. At Route 146 Auto Sales, we have a large staff with customer-oriented goals to service you and our Rhode Island community the best we can in the form of our used trucks.

We have a wide selection of popular models with variation in makes, trims, years, and body style available on our lot. With the massive inventory of used Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC vehicles we have to offer, finding your dream truck is a breeze at Route 146 Auto Sales!

Is Owning a Used Truck the Correct Choice for You?

It is important to be honest with yourself when you purchase a used truck. For example, do you mind if it has had prior owners or that it may have a decent amount of mileage on it? Does it dissuade you to know the model could be even up to ten years old? Here are a few questions that begged to be asked when you browse the market for a used truck:


  • What are my primary uses for a truck?
  • Do I need a truck that has vital features, better mileage, or premium power?
  • Do I need 4X4 off-road capability?
  • Does it have to have the highest in payload and towing?
  • Do I need the largest engine available?
  • How many miles do I intend to use on it a year?


Checking and eliminating various trucks until you can narrow it down to the correct make and model is the primary goal of research. There are many factors that need to be considered in this process. 

For example, if you live in a warm southern climate, is 4X4 necessary? Or, if you plan on towing around a heavy boat or trailer, wouldn't you want an extended or super cab with a more powerful engine? Being honest with your usage of a truck before starting the research process is a great first step to take.

Important Factors to Consider

After you have given yourself a good idea of what you would like, checking out car comparison websites, online reviews, OEM webpages, or just stopping in at Route 146 Auto Sales can do the trick.

Taking the time to compare prices, and variables such as mileage, prior-owners, and whether there exists a used vehicle report or not are factors needed to be considered when purchasing a used truck.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Having a used truck instead of a new truck offers several inherent advantages to the buyer. For example:

  • Depreciated Value: the value of a car slips as soon as it is driven off the lot. The value dips even further the older it gets. However, depreciation often flattens out after a cars second year before it starts to increase again a few years down the line. If you can find a used truck that's one-two years old, you are getting the best bang for your buck.
  • Reduction in Registration and insurance fees: car insurance prices as well as registration prices increase with the price of the car, provided the used vehicle has minimal accident and maintenance issues. Buying a used vehicle technically lowers the price value on the market, even though your personal value on the used vehicle increases. Therefore, the lower prices you purchase your truck at will correlate with lower insurance and registration fees.
  • Detailed Inspections: in the past, a used vehicle could be a massive gamble. You had no idea who the prior owners were, if the car had been in multiple accidents or not, or if in fact it was just a general nightmare. Third party companies such as Carfax history reports provide detailed history and disclose valuable information for the driver. Hidden problems are much harder to fall prey to when you trust a source such as Carfax to research your used truck.

Why Choose Route 146 Auto Sales for Your Used Truck?

Purchasing from us is the smart step for a number of reasons. We offer the best in our wide selection of inventory with popular brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC trucks. In the mood for a Chevy Silverado? Ram 1500? GMC Sierra? Or the classic Ford F-150? Don't worry, we have it here at Route 146 Auto Sales.

After you have chosen your dream truck, we have the service staff to help maintain the quality of your investment, allowing you to rest easy at night. Furthermore, we have a whole host of auto-finance professionals who offer an array of easy to use financial tools in order to minimalize your time with the paperwork, and more time test driving your used truck.

Please stop by Route 146 Auto Sales, or give us a call at (888) 456-5769 so one of our friendly customer staff members can assist you with any questions you may have.


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